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June 29, 2009



But could this be explained as simple plagiarism ?

After all, he did pick Biden as VP

David Holliday

I apologize if you referenced this one already Frank but here is a link to the original Cashill post that references the Yavelow handwriting analysis. Kind of interesting but not surprising given everything else we know (and I suspect we don't know) about Obama.

Frank Warner

I'd just like one reporter to ask him about this. Why? Because I like surprises.


Frank, would you consider writing a post on things you agree with Obama about and things you disagree with? I feel like I'm agreeing with your classical liberal position a little too much of late, and am quite interested on where we disagree.

Plus, I'm scared that I'm going to start smoking weed and wearing tie-dyed shirts while listening to phish. Post something I disagree with soon, please! :)

Frank Warner

Well, I said I'd get tougher after Obama had six months in office. It's close to that now.

jj mollo

Kevin, my man. Let's do that scene! I'm gonna get my love beads and tire tread sandals and go listen to Joan Baez sing songs in Farsi, man. Get my red Che Guevara poster exchanged for green, with Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh on the one side and Robert Zimmerman Mustafa Kemal on the other. Did you know Joan lived in Baghdad when she was 10?

Frank Warner

I remember Joan Baez singing "We Are the World" at Live Aid. Ouch. That might be the only song I've heard her sing badly.

And did you know that actor Victor McLaglen was Provost Marshal of Baghdad during World War II? That means he headed up British military police there.

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