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June 04, 2009


jj mollo

He would never have committed suicide before the movie was done. That's my opinion. I loved Kung Fu when it came out. Is TV still capable of producing series with the same kind of dramatic impact and also a story line? I know it's probably just confusing the character for the man, but can someone who learned all those lines week after week remain untouched by the philosophy of what he was learning?

Frank Warner

I remember one Kung Fu show in particular. Young Caine and another student told the old master that they had been robbed by a stranger on the road. The master asked the two students to tell him what lesson they had learned from the incident.

"Never trust a stranger," the one student said, and he was thrown out of the temple.

Young Caine said the lesson was "to expect the unexpected." Caine remained at the temple to continue his education.


Iam shocked! Here is his hanging photo!


it seems like Carradine got a lot of living in before he passed on; RIP


David Carradine is the subject of a new book called "David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado". The book might provide some answers to the questions still surrounding his death.

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