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June 30, 2009



I doubt it. He worships at the altar of the One. The messiah does not allow squabbles in his ranks.

jj mollo

I guess he's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it, people like him!


Al Franken is going to criticize the Democratic party? No way. NFW.
I think Frank needs an intervention.

Frank Warner

You wait and see. OK, I could be wrong. Let's see how partisan he is.

My theory is, he doesn't have the baggage of the last six months of odd votes, so perhaps he'll feel freer to speak candidly.


I don't think there is a Democrat in Washington who isn't speaking candidly. They control Washington; they can say whatever they want with impunity. They never criticize the Democrats because they actually believe in these tax-and-spend, blame-America-first, anti-capitalist, anti-democracy, socialist programs.

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