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May 16, 2009



A pained smile? For cryin' out loud, Frank, is there nothing that you don't give this guy a pass on?

Here's the reality: he was yukking it up and thinking "Yeah, I really do wish Rush Limbaugh were dead. Then, maybe I would get less resistance on my fascist, socialist agenda that is bankrupting this country, destroying any concept that it fights for freedom and liberty, exacerbating its already mediocre long-term energy plan and endearing me to my old buddy, Bill Ayers. What was it that Rev. Wright taught me? Oh, yeah. 'God damn America.' Uh,oh, I better get out of this fanciful daydream now and return to listening to Wanda."

Frank Warner

Check the video. He did not yuck it up on the Palin joke.


Assuming Mr. Warner's reporting is correct (it always is unless he's opining), I say kudos to Obama. Sure, he thinks it's funny if a conservative enemy of his gets a horrid disease and dies, but that's part and parcel for progressives. They think with their feelings, so what can you expect?

If he DIDN'T laugh at a joke at the expense of the daughter of a politician, well that's a step in the right direction. It's not a huge deal, since they still think an enemy's death or imagining an enemy's death is funny, but it's still a step.


"They think with their feelings"

Haha. I just noticed what I said. It's so true, but it's funny for another reason. Do you know of another demographic that thinks like that?

Hint: They sit down when they pee.

I have a new slogan for the progressives. And it even hints at the root of the progressive movement!

"PROGRESSIVISM: Girlifying the world since 1917."

Das bedonya, comrade.

jj mollo

There is a movement in Germany to get men to sit down when they pee. One who does so is a sitzpinkler.

Apparently, some German woman was advising Laura Bush on this improvement. So messy to stand at the toilet and pee. "You don't know how long it took me to get him to do that," says Laura.

German men are so much more sophisticated.


WOW! Are you saying that GWB sits while he pees?

jj mollo

Geez. Do I have to explain everything.

Maybe this will help.

Harry Truman was known for his blunt manner of speaking. When he made a speech at the Washington Garden Club, he kept referring to the "good manure" that needed to be used on the flowers.

Some society women complained to his wife, Bess. "Couldn't you get the President to say 'fertilizer'?" they asked.

Mrs. Truman replied, "Heavens, no! It took me twenty-five years to get him to say 'manure.'"

jj mollo

I'm sayin he's from Texas.


Hehe :).

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