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May 15, 2009



And here's a word you only see in scifi/fantasy books: roiling. Every scifi book uses that word at least once.


Here's two more

-In Which I...
-The Obligatory...

I see those in titles quite often, but I'm not sure if I've ever heard those phrases uttered.

jj mollo

One day in which I was in the choir room there, roiling the hinges on the piano bench, on account of the squeek, when the drecktor come in and sat down on the risible part. He pokes at a few notes, do, re, meme, meme ... and commences to slang a few notes in my direction. But I was in the Obligatory, soaking my finger under cold water, in which I was seeking balm for the wound.

Frank Warner

Sounds oddly like Robert Burns.


Especially, when you see people commenting and interacting with your blog :)

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