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March 28, 2009



I've read that the biggest buyer of the “The China Syndrome” video was the nuclear industry. It seems even though there was an "accident" at the end of the movie, the damage was confined to the plant, thus limiting legal liability. A win for the industry.

Frank Warner

Sometimes a "win" isn't enough.

jj mollo

A friend of mine had a near nervous breakdown over this event, in which exactly zero people died. Coal power plants, which are dangerous and should be replaced asap, produce more radioactivity, largely by the release of radon, than nuclear power ever has. The coal itself represents an incredible destruction of the earth, massive loss of life, and mountains of waste before and after power production. Thousands of Americans die every year from asthma and other lung problems, attributable in at least some degree to coal burning power plants. Coal, btw, generates about 2 pounds of CO2 for every KWH generated, or about 3 pounds per hour from a typical space heater.

jj mollo

InstaPundit has a link to this Boston Globe article about the coming nuclear renaissance. I'm looking forward to it.

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