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February 08, 2009



I believe Riyadh Lafta also assisted Prof. Mann in his now infamous 1998 global warming report that gave us the hockey stick.

1998 - "the year of the phony studies."
2006 - deja vu.

jj mollo

Excellent article and interesting links!

George, The Hopkins Iraq Mortality Study had more holes that a Baghdad street. After analyzing the work pretty extensively, I was forced to conclude that it was at least partially deceptive and probably a deliberate propaganda device. The second one strayed from reality so far that it was almost ludicrous, and it was impossible to believe that the authors could be serious. No other effort was able to confirm its conclusions.

The case against AGW, is, to say the least, not nearly as damning. And the potential future impact is harder to pin down than any mortality estimates, and possibly much more consequential.

jj mollo

On their behalf, I really don't think these guys deliberately intended to thwart the development of democracy in Iraq. Their philosophy is probably some sort of fuzzy-minded mix of pacifism and multi-cultural non-interventionism. They meant well, but were willing to sacrifice their scientific integrity for political goals. I'm glad to see them get slapped around a little, but I don't think they are bad people. ... Though, they probably would think that we are.

Frank Warner

Out of partisan hatred, they wanted Iraq's democracy to fall. They encouraged the killing of unselfish American liberators.

That's a disgrace.

jj mollo

Partisan hatred is a result of partisan blindness and one-sided interpretations, exaggerated by the echo-chamber. They really think they are right and they really think you are wrong.

However, they distinguish between the polemics and the pragmatics. People who say, for instance, that Bush should be killed are, in general, not capable of doing so themselves, and don't really want it to happen. People who know actual Iraqis, as Burnham does, don't really want a political collapse in Iraq.

I'm sure that there are some types who hold the opinions you describe. I don't think it's appropriate to ascribe such motives to everyone who holds leftist opinions.

Frank Warner

These people deserve no excuses, any more than Nazis or Communists deserve excuses. If you nurture a hatred so far that, even as a statistician, you fake the facts, you are on the wrong side of enlightment, progress and freedom, and you should be condemned.

jj mollo

I agree, no excuses on faking the facts, but the condemnation should be based on evidence not on unsubstantiated attribution of suspected personality clusters. How do you know that they are motivated by hatred?

George, you're always picking on me for stereotyping rich people. Maybe you could help me out here.


They are bad people-- very, very bad people.

jj mollo


Are you still using incandescent bulbs by the way? Wearing fur coats perhaps? Wickedness abounds!

jj mollo

There's a new study describing Iraq civilian mortality by category. Links here.


85,000 Civilians Were Killed During Iraq War By Acts of Terror... Not One Million

Here is something else I have been saying all along (without the actual numbers): Bush Saved 750,000 Iraqis

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