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February 28, 2009



I know George Will well, I respect his intellect and his powers of persuasion -- but I'd happily debate him any day on this question so critical to our survival.

David Holliday

The debate has been ongoing for some time on blogs like RealClimate or WattsUpWithThat. On those sites you will find in-depth articles on current events, links to ongoing research, guest posts, and lively debate in the comments sections. While some of the commentators are simply opinionated average people some are incredibly knowledgeable in the areas they comment on. After a little while you can figure out which is which.

Frank Warner

I've seen many of the written arguments, and you're right, they have their place. In fact, they should reign supreme.

But I want to see experts, a few from each side, debate this on C-SPAN, for a series of days, maybe weeks. I want them confronted with one another's arguments. I want to see how they handle the debate when they have to deal with some of the big contradictions, back up weak assumptions or explain errors.

In addition, such a public debate -- again involving scientists -- would let everyone evaluate the facts and theories and extrapolations involved. The debate should be moderated by three nonpartisan statisticians, who occasionally toss in mathematical questions.

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