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February 13, 2009


George Pragovich

Obama has to follow the Constitution of which he knows nothing about. Since he knows nothing about the Constitution, freedom is a four letter word to him. His handlers will tell what he will and will not do. He is only a puppet of the New World Order. Even more, he is a Kenyan citizen. He was not born in American and is not the President according to the Constitution.

Cancer Recovery and Fitness Specialist
Trainer of Personal Trainers

jj mollo

Don't you think he might have learned at least a little about the Constitution in Harvard Law School. And even if he were a Kenyan citizen, which is ludicrous, he must have spent enough time in the US to pick up the basics. I'll bet he even knows the difference between adduction and abduction. ... You have to admit that his English is pretty good.

Just as fitness is not fostered by extremes, political evaluations should make at least a nod toward moderation.


I personally have not seen his actual birth certificate. And, so far, he has proven he can't be trusted with his word. So...

Coast Guardsman

Sounds like a lot of losers blowing off steam to me. For my 21 years of helping bust druggies, protect the environment and saving people's lives (which I actually did) there were plenty of armchair atheletes waiting to critize every possible move we made in the wind, waves and dark. So that makes me wonder who writes garbage like the above three posts. It can't be one of us down in the trenches. My friends and I have had it up to here with all the posturing know it all millionaires bickering on how to save the rich people from paying a little more taxes and keep out of jail for robbing working class American's blind, while us working folk are taking it on the chin. Its time for Americans to take a long look in the mirror and decide if we are a bunch of selfish know it alls that are in it for ourselves, or American citizens trying to sustain our wonderful country.

jj mollo


Can you be more specific about what exactly you are objecting to? Speaking for myself, I'm not sure I disagree substantially with what you seem to be saying, although I may disagree on the question of what we should do about it.

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