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January 20, 2009



I know there are only so many patriotic thing one can say, but I just caught Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) doing a ChangeFest 09 piece where he intermixes Obama's Inaugural speech with segments of Bush speeches where Bush is saying nearly the identical thing.
Obviously Obama has been hanging with Joe Biden too much.

Frank Warner

Yep, Bush could have given 99.9 percent of that speech.

Finally, Jon Stewart does something clever?


But Obama gave the speech where it created excitement up my leg. Bush could never do that! Obama is the best. Long live his words!!! tic

David Holliday

If the Republicans are smart they'll take their collective heads out of their <>'s and realize that if Obama lives up to his words he will need them. Obama has moved so far to the center he's almost closer to being a left leaning conservative than a right leaning liberal. He will need Republican votes to get the types of change he is talking about through Congress. This could be a repeat of the 60's when Republicans were instrumental in passing Civil Rights legislation.

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