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January 28, 2009


There is another part to this that I haven't heard anyone else bring up, before. I am sure it is unusual that one bullet would produce so many wounds. However, in order for a bullet to have passed through Connally, in the manner that it did, it would have had to originate somewhere between him and the president. If it wasn't the same bullet that exited the president's throat, the only other possibility would have been that Pres. Kennedy or Jackie shot Gov. Connally! When computer graphics have demonstrated that a line can be drawn from the window at the Texas School Book Depository, through the wounds in the president's and governer's bodies, in the positions they were actually in (not the way Oliver Stone suggested in his silly movie), there is really no other possibility. A shot coming from the grassy knoll would have had to hit someone from the side. A shot coming from the sewer drain may have put out a tire or hit a bystander on the other side of the street, but it certainly would not have hit either man from the back!

I guess this will be talked and argued about as long as any of us who remember it are still alive, but I think the facts have shown that, despite the fact that there were lots of other people who may conceivably have wanted him dead, our president was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald wanted to become a political assassin, and fate delivered the president of the United States to him on a silver platter, by having him driven in an open convertible, right in front of Oswald's workplace.

Frank Warner

Mr. DyABFkntPx...,

I agree. But to be fair, because the precise path of the bullet through Connally will never be known, others are free to speculate that it came from places other than the Texas School Book Depository.

The precise path is impossible to know because doctors cut the president and Connally in the hospital, disturbing their wounds, and because their exact head and body positions, to a 16th of an inch here and there, aren't possible to pin down looking only at the Zapruder film. And there's nothing else to look at.

But you're right, the single-bullet theory is solid generally, and in light of decades of multifaceted scientific analysis, the theory is proved beyond reasonable doubt. Every other suggested explanation is silly. Had Connally been shot from the grassy knoll, for example, the bullet probably would have hit Jackie Kennedy, too. It didn't happen.


It's not only the single bullet theory that is in question but many other aspects of the President John F. Kennedy murder that are still unexplainable. The murder of Officer J.D. Tippit less than an hour after the shooting of JFK is still mysteriously unexplained. William Drenas, who carried out a detailed study of the Tippit case has brought forth some very interesting information. He created a timeline for the murder using old police records and talking to eyewitnesses at the time who were never questioned or were rarely heard about in the following decades. Drenas limits himself to the Tippit murder only and takes no position pro or con on any JFK conspiracy theory. But his findings according to these witnesses reveal a man in a very agitated state of mind who seemed absolutely desperate to find something or someone that has never been revealed. For anyone who is interested in learning more about this study it can be googled under the Tippit Timeline with the title Car #10 Where are You? The site is extensive but is well worth consideration for anyone interested in this aspect of the JFK assasination.

jj mollo

Every detail can be "in question". It doesn't matter. The conspiracists need to understand that what's required is an alternative hypothesis that can stand up to scrutiny. The Oswald single shooter hypothesis is the only comprehensive internally consistent narrative that even begins to fit the facts.

Let's take Newton's theories, for example. The were quite incomplete, but they withstood serious scrutiny for centuries. They were challenged and tested thoroughly, and eventually discrepancies were found. Nevertheless, only Einstein could refute Newton, because he had a comprehensive alternative. In 1890, only fools and Einstein would dream of challenging Newton's conception.

I don't see many Einsteins on the conspiracy side of the Kennedy argument.

Joe Elliott

The new diagram looks good. The only thing I would change, is having the left arm underneath the hat. During z226-z229, Connally suddenly jerked his wounded right wrist up to the level of his chin. And we don't see his left arm jerk up. I wonder we would have seen both arms plus his hat jerk upwards if the left arm was on top. It also seems unnatural for Connally to put his left arm on top of his hat.

Frank Warner

I have the left arm extended there principally because I've seen several other diagrams showing that arm extended. I have to wonder if Connally himself told investigators he had his left arm out touching the divider in front of him. We could use more information on this.

If Connally's left arm was extended, the hat had to be under it.

Joe Elliott

This is an excellent website. 2-D diagrams are the way to go. Not 3-D. One cannot double check a 3-D diagram with a map of Dealey Plaza like one can with a 2-D diagram.

A couple of points I would like to make.

Point 1:

Larry Sturdivan’s book “The JFK Myths” shows that ballistic tests indicate that a bullet that is yawing (that is tumbling, or moving sideways) always, without exception, follows a curved path. The damage on the side of CE-299 shows, beyond doubt, the bullet was yawing while going through Connally’s torso. Experiments by Dr. Lattimer in the 1990’s confirm that JFK’s neck would likely start the bullet to yaw. Hence, the bullet must have been following a curved path through Connally’s torso.

It should be noted that bones do not usually deflect bullets. Bullets generally go straight through them. If slowed enough, the bullet will not be deformed by the bone.

Most likely, the bullet curved downward some to hit Connally’s thigh. It likely curved some left or right, I don’t know which.

So there is no need to line up all 7 entrance and exit wounds with the sniper’s nest. Just:

* the sniper’s nest

* JFK’s back wound

* JFK’s throat wound

* Connally’s back wound

Thereafter, the bullet followed a curved path, while traveling through Connally’s torso.

Point 2:

Why does your diagram show Connally’s left arm on top of his hat?

This does not seem to be a likely position to me.

But, all and all, this diagram is very good. The best 2-D diagram I have seen on the internet.

Frank Warner

Connally's left hand is shown above the hat principally because several reconstruction videos already have placed that left hand near the top of the front seat. I am not certain that is where the left hand was, and the Zapruder film is not clear enough to help pinpoint the position. If you know of any report that gives us Connally's recollection on where his left hand was when the first bullets were fired, please let me know.


That second illustration of the single bullet trajectory is completely altered and fabricated.

They repositioned JFK and Connolly's positions in the limo to line them up with the trajectory of the single bullet. The bullet hole in JFK’s back was then moved a few inches up to line up with the throat wound (which doctors said was an entry wound, not exit wound). Otherwise, the single bullet would have been said to move UPWARDS from the back to the throat, which would have looked silly and impossible. They even changed the position of the bullet holes on JFK's shirt to match the altered placement of the bullet wounds. All of this was so that the data would match the fictitious arc trajectory of the "single bullet" so that their concocted theory could look consistent.

For exact details, see "High Treason" by Robert Groden or his film "JFK: The Case for Conspiracy".

See my conspiracy guide with over 50 compelling arguments:


Sorry Frank Warner. You are parroting lies and fabrications. The conspiracy to kill JFK is a PROVEN FACT. Everyone knows it, even in the government and media. The only people who deny it are shills, disinfo operatives, and media puppet heads who have to as part of their job.

All the evidence points to a conspiracy and proves it. There is no genuine debate about it anymore.

Tell us this: If there's no conspiracy, then why is there a massive cover up attempt? Why were witnesses threatened, and even silenced? Why were witnesses and doctors told not to reveal what they've seen? Why the cover up and secrecy? A cover up logically proves a conspiracy in and of itself. Truth does not need a cover up. Truth does not need to alter evidence.

You are in a no win position Frank. Give it up.

Finally, the military industrial complex, CIA, LBJ and the central banks (Fed) all had plausible motives for getting rid of JFK. Oswald did not. A lone nut tired of being a nobody and wanted to become famous by assassinating someone who was a threat to the power elite? Yeah right. Don't insult our intelligence Frank. You only look foolish when you try to do so.


Two logic fallacies that conspiracy debunkers make are:

1) Assuming that authority=truth and whatever is official=truth.
2) Believing that conspiracies aren't possible because people can't keep secrets.

These are false logic fallacies. They then take these fallacies and go on to:

3) Parrot the falsified data created by the cover up as absolute fact.
4) Declare that no evidence of a conspiracy exists, despite the mountain of evidence that does exist.
5) Claim that the only reason people believe in a conspiracy is that they can't reconcile a great leader like JFK with a nobody nutcase like Oswald, thus they have a psychological need to balance out cause and effect.

They do this to hide the fact that all the physical evidence, forensic evidence, ballistics evidence, and eye witnesses, confessions and whistleblowers proves a conspiracy beyond all doubt.

Have you heard the confession tapes of E Howard Hunt? Even Wikipedia acknowledges them as real. Have you heard was LBJ's lawyer Barr McClellan said about LBJ's involvement? Do some research.


>> Have you heard the confession tapes of E Howard Hunt? Even Wikipedia acknowledges them as real.

Oh, yeah, when I want the seal of approval on something I'm not sure about, I look to WikiPedia for verification. Are you fucking kidding me? WikiPedia is an information cesspool.

Russell Dorgan

I am convinced that it was the driver, secret service agent William Greer, who was also CIA, who participated in the assassination of JFK. I also believe another secret service agent running alongside fired the fatal shot through his jacket. When JFK was shot it was "back and to the left".


The official story is such utter b*llsh*t. Is tells us that the eternal laws of physics in the entirety of the UNIVERSE was suspended for one split second and reversed it self in Dallas then went back to it's universal constant again. Yeah, my fat azz. It really so insulting that these shitheads think everyone is that stupid.


Sounds like Bozz didn't read the story. Not a single law of physics was broken.

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