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January 09, 2009



You always go over that Palestinian statehood thing as though they had to concede nothing. You are still wrong. That had to concede Israel's right to exist, no small matter at all.

Frank Warner

My point is, we should have made sure the Palestinians conceded Israel's rights publicly before we conceded publicly that they could have a state.

If the Palestinians today were still unsure that the U.S. would ever consider an independent state for them, even if they recognized Israel's right to exist, they'd be more careful to show their ability to run a nation peacefully.

Palestinian statehood was an almost unimaginable dream when it was never talked about on the other side of the bargaining table. Now the Palestinians assume they have it.

jj mollo

It doesn't matter what the "Palestinians" concede or don't concede. There is no representative entity of those people, by that name or any other, which could conceivably make a promise that it could be expected to keep. There is no there there.

Frank Warner

Arafat had the power to enter a fairly detailed peace treaty in 2000. But he didn't.

Now, after 9-11 and our "two-state" concession, things are far too chaotic to expect any Palestinian leader will have enough respect and trust to hammer out an agreement of any importance. We're at least a few years away from another real opportunity.

By the way, I asked these 14 questions in part to find out how President Bush reached some of the decisions he made. He may have some real good reasons for making decisions that look crazy from the outside.

Still, no one is asking Bush anything except the trap questions like, How bad was liberating Iraq? Do you regret punishing Valerie Plame (as if)? Do you hate yourself as much as we Democratic news reporters hate you?

jj mollo

Yes, I found the atmosphere of that last press conference appalling. They were almost embarrassed that they were there. You'd think he was a pederast.

I don't think he will go down as a great president, but he did some great things and that's what they should have dwelt on. He'll probably do great things in the future. He's not a stupid man.

Frank Warner

I'll judge each president by how many of the oppressed he has freed and how many tyrants he has made tremble.

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