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January 20, 2009


David Holliday

I don't think four months of economic collapse compares to the "malaise" the country was in at the end of the Carter administration. If it was my choice I would choose 2009.

In 1980 inflation peaked at 14%. Inflation in 2008 is just over 4%. In 1981 the United States was the 2nd super power. In 2009, even with the problems we have, the United States is the only nation in history to achieve "hyper" power status.

Reagan was the leader who showed us what we could be. Obama, hopefully, (and he gave a great speech today), will show us that we all have to do this together.

David Holliday

By the way, maybe I'm reading too much into this, but before the inauguration, when Clinton walked up to George H.W. Bush in the hallway before walking out onto the platform, they seemed very cordial. When Carter walked up, Clinton turned away and Carter just walked by. I didn't see them shake hands, talk or even exchange simple greetings. Is there a history there?

Frank Warner

ABC News also notes Carter’s snub.


$33 per barrel? That was before Obama was sworn in. Now, it's more like $39.


The big difference .. interest rates.


Now oil is up to $47 per barrel. The Obama effect is in action. A 50% increase since he was sworn in.

jj mollo

If oil has gone up, it is a good sign. It means that people expect the economy to improve, which means that it probably will.

If, however, we want to be free of the petro-tyrants, then we need to maintain our reduced demand for oil. The easiest and fairest way to do that is to impose a substantial tax, by percentage not a fixed rate by gallon. Now is the time. This is the opportune moment. The low prices have already sabotaged a lot of efforts on the part of people like T. Boone Pickens.


YES, he took office at 32.70/bbl and 7.2% unemployment, NOW now we have 'progressed' to $85.74/bbl and 9.2% unemployment... (Just over 11% if you were honest and used the same base number of jobs in the economy the day he was inaugurated!)

Can I get a "Yes we can" from one idiot out there???


from 7.5% unemployment to 9.0% with 6.5% having given up and not even counted. oil from 32.70 barrel to 93.20. with U.S. using 20 million barrels a day thats 1.2 billion dollars a day of money getting sent out of this country. If Obama would have kept oil prices down to the same level he came into office we could pay 6 million people $200 a day. Now he is blocking an oil line from Canada that will drive oil prices down and create thousands of jobs. I can't believe he said we are in a better place today than when he came into office.I have lost trust in this man. Unfortunately since he is all we have to offer in this next election I will be voting for the republicans or a third party.It is time for him to take the blame and let this country know he has failed us. The buck stops here.

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