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December 26, 2008


jj mollo

It's a shame that the bad work of some scientists must reflect on the work of others. I have said before that Johns Hopkins is a justly respected name, as is the magazine Lancet.

I think that the assessment of vitamin and mineral supplements is still up in the air. Certainly such treatment is beneficial in any situation where nutrient intake is inadequate for normal purposes. I suspect that certain individuals suffer from insufficiencies. Others perhaps are prone to over-dosing, two effects which might cancel each other out. The case of vitamin D is less clear. Most people get enough vitamins with the exception of vitamin D. My doctor actually recommended it to me, along with high calcium foods, after I broke a bunch of bones in a bike accident. So I think vitamin D might have some merit even in an overfed culture. The jury is still out on a lot of others, such as fish oil supplements. And the impact of supplements on particular less common diseases has not necessarily been controverted.

Otherwise, the whole nutriceuticals industry is just a conspiracy, as I was told by a nutritionist many years ago, to make urination more expensive.

jj mollo

Which is not to say that a good diet and exercise are similarly futile.

Frank Warner

Exercise seems to be the best supplement. Unless you break something while you exercise -- and doesn't that always seem supremely unjust?

Abel Davila

Frank - were you in the Marines?

Frank Warner

Abel, why do you ask?

I wasn't.

Abel Davila

had a buddy in the marines... cpl frank warner...

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