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December 07, 2008



If we would have liberated Iraq at a quarter of the cost in lives and treasure and got things on their feet in 3 years than we would probably be in Iran right now. Those foolish Sunni's who backed the insurgency for so long unwittingly played useful idiots for Tehran. For the most part the Shia insurgents were working at the behest of their pay masters in Iran.

It really is a shame that victory in Iraq did not come easier.

Frank Warner

If the forces of democracy could win any war in a day, we'd all be in better shape. No important war is won easily in freedom's favor. One consolation is that where democracy is victorious, new wars are less likely.

jj mollo

One problem is that people are by circumstances forced to align themselves with the most ruthless of the factions. If people side with the Americans, the AIF will torture them and kill their families. They ended up aligning with the Americans only because the security guarantees gradually became credible. Wherever we cycled in and out of a place, such as Fallujah, we had big problems convincing the locals that the AIF wouldn't be back.

Basically, national vacilation and our unfortunate need to relearn the lessons of the past made this war cost a lot more than it should have. Even so, war is always expensive. No war should be started unless its goals are sufficiently valuable, and liberty is generally worth the cost. An unfortunate fact of life is that: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants". The alternative is to allow the blight of tyranny to spread without control.

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