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November 03, 2008



Did you ever imagine you would be voting for a socialist? No ifs, ands or buts. Obama is a socialist.

David Holliday

George is too funny. I think all your readers knew you would be voting Obama. I'll be voting McCain but I still like your blog.

I'll repeat the same comment I made a while back. Many of my friends who are voting for Obama think if he's elected that he (and his fellow Democrats) won't do some of the things they said they would do. Like a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq.

Personally I think that is a form of denial. To think that the Democrats will suddenly have an epiphany and become more responsible is a huge leap of faith.

In 1974 Congress cut off funding to South Vietnam. That nation, which had repulsed the North's previous invasion attempt, lost its ability to defend itself against its heavily subsidized aggressor. The subsequent loss of life was staggering. I've never heard or read of a single Democrat expressing regret or accepting responsibility for the events that occurred after their action. I have no reason to believe that even if we were to withdraw from Iraq and the nation were to completely disassemble that any Dem would react any differently.


I'm voting for Obama as president as well-- president of the Toastmaster's Club. That's all he's qualified to be.

The bogus bullshit about uniting the nation when he has not done a damn thing all his life to do anything bi-partisan speaks volumes. It is NOT cynical to believe the facts right in front of one's eyes.

Frank Warner

A Democratic Congress was able to cut funding to South Vietnam in late 1974 because President Nixon had been impeached and we had an unelected President Ford bowing to everything the Congress wanted.

Iraq is in much better shape today than South Vietnam was in 1974. It isn't half-occupied by enemy forces. Are there risks to handing the future of Iraq to the party that didn't care if fascists tortured Iraqis forever? Well, yes.

But the risks seem small, particularly since Obama has said we have to win in Iraq (even if he would rather have lost last year).


I'm not worried about what he will do to Iraq if Obama takes power. I'm worried about what he will do to America. And I don't even live there!

I'm sorry but anyone who prattles on about redistribution of wealth shouldn't be in charge. It just leads to more misery for everyone. I also think the President should have demonstrated good executive judgment in the past, and have enough real world experience to be somewhat pragmatic.

Well, it's your country so vote for him if you want, but be prepared to reap what you sow.


Oh, and may I add, from what I have observed it seems to me that McCain is much better at compromise and "reaching across the aisle" than Obama is - probably because he's a lot more moderate? This leads me to believe he will be less divisive a president than Obama.

Frank Warner

With the majorities the Democrats will have in the Senate and the House, and with no threat of vetoes, they won't need to reach across the aisle to pass anything. They'll have full power and full responsibility.

Yeah, I voted for this experiment. I hope it works.

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