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November 07, 2008


Christopher Taylor

Hey, you wanted him. Now you got him. And you're going to have your fill before it's all said and done.

Frank Warner

And unlike the Democrats, I won't be afraid to criticize him just because I voted for him.



Here is more change. Obama is already reneging on his promise to keep lobbyist influence out of his administration.

jj mollo

It's pretty hard to characterize Rahm Emanuel as a "lobbyist". People in both parties were acting out of ignorance, wishful thinking and blind partisanship. Some people actually got a whiff that something was wrong ... maybe. OTOH, maybe they were just slamming someone else's policy simply because they needed to be on the other side.

Lobbyists support their clients. It's what they do. The big problem is taking money from lobbyist groups for campaigns, thereby insuring that they receive unwarranted access. That's why John McCain has been banging the drums for campaign finance reform for so many years. Hiring a former lobbyist for a specific job is not necessarily a bad thing unless they maintain their lobbyist income.

Barack Obama's sellout on this issue may have destroyed campaign finance reform for good. I'm sure he can justify it to himself as necessary for his election. It would have been "stupid" not to opt out. It is an unfortunate attribute of American politics that good deeds are punished and honor is self-destructive. People find it very hard to remember that the integrity of the system is more important than the specific victory. The degree to which they act as if the end justifies the means is the mournful measure of deteriorating faith in liberal ideals.


The article I referenced doensn't refer to Rahm Emanuel as a lobbyist. What it does do is say it is OK to be on Obama's staff if you haven't been a lobbyist for a certain amount of time. He is hiring lobbyists. He can pretend they aren't current lobbyists but, in my opinion, once a lobbyist, always a lobbyist. These lobbyists go back and forth between lobbying and working in the government. Obama is just saying you can't go back and forth too quickly. His claim of no lobbyist influence is worthless.


More examples of influence permeating through the Obama camp.
Barack Obama's economic advisory board has been very good to him

Change, my ass!


Obama's Ethics Rules Won't Ban Big Fundraisers From Transition



Change you can believe in!


Change? You better believe it!!!


Ex-Lobbyists Have Key Obama Roles



BIDEN HIRES LOBBYIST- Didn't Obama Say They Couldn't Be Hired?

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