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November 21, 2008


David Holliday

I repeat my often stated comment, "AGW is junk science."

jj mollo

Seriously. Look at that graph. The purported averaging line, not labeled as such, is designed to imply a conclusion. As near as I can tell, it starts as a twenty-year rolling average and ends up as a two-year rolling average. Without knowing the next twenty years, how can you honestly bring that right end of the average line down to the base? If it's supposed to be a trailing average, how can it make that turn? If it's a central average, why doesn't it stop 5 years or 10 years short of the end?

And why doesn't he link to the source of the graph? I think he just drew the average line by hand.

Frank Warner

Well, yes. I would like to see some numbers. What's the average temperature each year?

On the other hand, there's no indication the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 10 years.


Al Gore lied, whales died


Save the whales trapped in Arctic ice

jj mollo


Here's the link to the source for the sea ice analysis. The actual situation is a little more complicated than described at your links. For one thing, the polar air above this ice is actually warmer than usual. An explanation for that anomaly is provided at the link.

There is, at any rate, reason to expect that a record freeze will follow a record melt. There's just that much more water available for freezing. Furthermore, no number of specific cases (anecdotal evidence) can overturn a broad conclusion if the specific cases are filtered to reflect a specific position. That's one of the arguments people use against Al Gore, but for some reason they employ the exact same tactic themselves without noticing the contradiction.

Here's a link to a source for the trapped Beluga whales. Please note that this problem has occurred in the past, according to the article in 1994 and 1989. The problem is localized to a particular string of "saltwater inlets", know collectively as the Eskimo Lakes, connected to the sea by a narrow channel that freezes before the so-called lakes freeze. The explanation for the trapping phenomenon could just as easily be that the water, unnaturally warmed by AGW, fooled the whales into delaying their winter behavior, which would presumably include escape from such inlets. I also remember that whales have been trapped in the Delaware River despite a permanently open escape route to the Delaware Bay. Whales don't have MapQuest.

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