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October 31, 2008


jj mollo

I've always been a Phan, but I guess I'm getting too serious in my old age. I can't help but think that such a lunatic focus on a children's game is unhealthy. This parade was much bigger than 1980. I'm not sure Times Square saw bigger crowds on V-E day.

The thing that really worries me is how poorly the city dealt with the transportation issues. SEPTA stopped running trains long before the stadium events because they needed to allocate cars for the subsequent exodus. If you didn't go early, you didn't get there. And on the return side people waited for hours. Most people didn't really care, but a lot of kids couldn't get home from school.

The reason it worries me is not the temporary inconvenience, but the implication for emergency evacuation. When too many people all want to move in the same direction, the system grinds to a halt. I wonder if there are any sizeable American cities that can be smoothly evacuated.

Frank Warner

Getting to Philadelphia was a lot easier than getting out. I went in with a buddy in Norristown. He was going with his kids. I met up with them, and he drove us all into Philly in his car.

We were lucky enough to find a place to park on the street near City Hall, so it wasn't bad at all. And we got there around 11:30 a.m. for the noon parade!

But we did pass huge lines at train stations, and no doubt some of those mass-transit systems were overtaxed. Heck, they were carrying several times their usual loads.

Nevertheless, a few million people made it in, safe and sound. And what a beautiful feeling. The Phillies, the championship, the sunshine, the (yes, irrational) sense of shared pride, the coming together of so many kinds of people -- that was heartwarming.

If only we demonstrated such joy when tyrants are toppled or disease is cured, we'd have a better world.

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