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October 28, 2008


David Holliday

Two things disturb me greatly about the positions of my friends who are Obama supporters. First are their imbalanced attitudes toward the candidates. For example, the purchase of $140K worth of clothes for Sarah Palin is outrageous while the Obama's $1.6 million Rezko aided mansion and Michele's $450 lunches are not. Second, the belief that Obama's more radical positions can be overlooked because he can never get them signed into legislation. Like the most liberal leadership in Congress ever won't support Obama in pursuit of his agenda.

McCain isn't a very strong candidate. I would like to have seen a stronger conservative from the Republicans. But in my mind many Obama supporters are in denial. Because of their hatred of Bush they are about to "cut off their nose despite their face."

Is Obama a breath of fresh air? If you call a reprise of 1977 through 1980 fresh air then I guess he is. Actually, when Obama/Reid/Pelosi are done, I think we may look back on those years with longing.

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