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September 05, 2008


David Holliday

I haven't read the book obviously but I read the article summarizing it on MSNBC. If the book is like what was written in the article then it is shameful. I have followed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as closely as someone can without access to classified information. There is a narrative that is consistent with facts on the ground and Woodward's assertions don't hold water. He's living in a fantasy world in which anyone who supports the war in Iraq is evil and anything that supports his conspiracy ready mind, even unsubstantiated facts and annonymous sources, must be true.

Frank Warner

Just to clarify. I don't support the war in Iraq. I support ending the war in Iraq by winning it for democracy.

It's the people who call themselves "anti-war" on Iraq who would let the war go on and return again and again for generations.

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