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September 23, 2008



Outstanding article--I have passed it on to my email list as must read material!

jj mollo

To me the analogy between Constitutional philosophy and the framework of physical science is just a conceit, a cute device for unnecessarily decorating an otherwise mundane set of political biases. The analogy packs no punch.

Likewise, Tipler's response is a conceit. It pretends to take the Tribe paper seriously from the viewpoint of physics. It is an interesting way to attract attention for two purposes -- 1) to deplore the scientific illiteracy of scholars in other fields, and 2) to teach a little physics perhaps. By using the Obama link he catches a lot of eyes. Clever but not admirable. Maybe we could get a lot more attention for the praiseworthy tale of The Three Little Pigs by changing the name of The Wolf to Wolfowitz.

Frank Warner

That's true, JJ. They all were trying to be clever. But it is a good way to teach a little physics. I had no idea how close Newtonian physics and Einstein's physics are.

Of course, I do recall that F=ma is about the same as E=mc2. But I thought the 20th century scientists had made a giant departure.

Mick Russom

Obama, the fraud and traitor empty suit slave to the oligarchs in chief. The baby Stalin rat vermin reveals he is a little toad moron loser and he hates science and the constitution.

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