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September 30, 2008


Christopher Taylor

What's odd to me is that nobody seems to talk about land drilling. There's a lot of oil in land that nobody seems to want to get out of the ground and huge sections of the country are no-drill areas. Why not open them up too?

Channing Gardner

I live in North Florida, near the Destin Dome and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The drilling you want to do will destroy our coastline, tourism, and fishing industires forever.

In exchange you want to drill the destin dome which is within 50 miles of the beach. According to the Dept of energy the United States uses 23 TCF annually, the destin dome has only 2.6 trillion cubic feet(TCF) of Natural gas according to the dept of energy.

That being said, you want to destroy our homes, industries and the natural beauty of americas coastline for less than 2 months worth of natural gas. There is no evidence of oil in the destin dome either.

This is nothing more that a political card, becuase the American Public is not aware of just how little energy you are proposing.

Republicans are making a big deal out of this to persuade some uneducated voters that this is a solution to a potential oil shortage.

In reality, two months worth of natural gas isnt going to fix the issue. And Drill baby Drill sounds like an attack on ones self.

Please let the truth be set free.

Channing Gardner - Seagrove Beach Florida

Frank Warner

The environment can be protected as oil and natural gas is tapped. The oceans already allow natural oil seapage, and the beaches survive. There's evidence that oil and gas drilling are relatively clean, if done properly.

The question is, Channing Gardner, where do you expect your energy to come from in Seagrove Beach, Florida? Or do you plan to abandon your cars and turn off the lights?

If your answer is, I'm wishing the problem away, it's not good enough. That's wishing the problem worse.

Christopher Taylor

I'm considering not voting at all until a new, responsible party emerges.

Tempting and believe me I know where you are coming from. For now I'm focusing on voting for local guys and the best candidate each time, but always against the incumbent.

jj mollo

Actually, I think voting against the incumbent is a good general policy, particularly if you don't know which candidate you prefer. Incumbents usually have an unfair advantage -- on name recognition alone. Moreover, once they get into power, they manipulate the system to maintain their power. It's just the nature of the beast.

Take the example of elected judges. Frequently, voters have no idea how well judges have performed. One judge in Philadelphia was so bad that an independent campaign was initiated to unseat him. The major papers joined in, printing scathing editorials. Yet the day after election, we found that all the incumbent judges had been reseated, including the aforementioned malefactor. While most judges were re-instated by margins of 95%, he was given 70% of the vote -- a clear example of the overwhelming influence of uninformed voters pulling levers out of habit.

Ever since then, I have voted "no" for every judge and bond offering, hoping to give the small informed pool of voters a better chance to effect change.

In truth, a lot of choices you think you have in the polling booth have actually been pre-decided by party insiders.

drilling rig

this is so crazy to even thing about. Why is she even saying anything. She is bad for this country.

Seagrove Beach

yo Frank - Check out the gulf on day 80.

Frank Warner

The chance of such a damaging spill would be much lower if oil explorers could drill on land, particularly in sparsely inhabited places like northern Alaska, or in the shallower coastal areas.

If you never use oil or gas, you have a right to object to oil exploration. Otherwise, you'd better point out where we can drill for oil in the United States, because we can't afford to continue draining our wealth away on oil controlled by dictators.

Change habits, keep our Earth

As long as we continue the same behavior- a stubborn and growing use of oil, dictators will always have control. The fact is that the US uses 20% of the world oil and has only 2% of the reserves with the Gulf providing less that 30% of that 2% we own. Anyone claiming energy independence related to oil is either uninformed or dilusional.

A 5% decrease in oil consumption in the US, like say we stop joy riding millions of 4000 lb SUV's would offset any need for gulf drilling in the future.

I personally only use my small economy car for long trips and bike most everywhere I go in my community.

Also heres what my community Seagrove is doing, can you say your community is doing the same?:

1 earth. many people, change is good, embrace it.

Frank Warner

Change, you're still driving a gasoline-powered car, yet insisting we drill almost nowhere in the U.S. for oil. That makes the oil-rich dictators richer, tightening the chains on the oppressed and threatening freedom elsewhere.

Change is good. Let's pump more domestic oil while we seek the energy alternatives, which aren't likely to be economical for another 30 years. Even if we increase domestic production a few percentage points, the competition would lower prices, which are draining our wealth.

Meanwhile, we could adopt a modest gas tax to keep up pressure to explore for alternatives.

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