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September 26, 2008



From 1856 up to 2006, i.e. in the course of 150 years, US governments meddled, complotted and militarily intervened in Latin American countries 82 times!!,that is every 2 years on the average, against leaders elected democratically by the peoples, and for dictators which they installed that protected the interests of American monopolies (remember the Banana Republics..). Every one that did not accept US' aspirations for world hegemony and domination was called a non democrat, and if he dared fight against American imperialism, even a terorist. Thanks God the situation now is changing.
The day is not far that humanity will get rid of this sore evil.


Yeah. Thank God they will now be a banana republic under Russia's domination.

Frank Warner

The United States supported temporary weak dictators in the Western Hemisphere, but only when the Soviet Union was trying to install permanent totalitarian dictators in the Western Hemisphere.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, at a time when the United States was the only superpower, every nation of the Western Hemisphere except one (Cuba) has had free elections. Some of those elections were not perfect, but the U.S. has not stopped one nation from building democratic institutions. In fact, the U.S. continues to encourage freedom and democracy everywhere.

Check it out:

Western Hemisphere, with U.S. protection, 95 percent free.

Eastern Hemisphere, with Russian and Chinese "protection," 70 percent enslaved.

Itzhak, do you wear the chains, or do you lock them on the hands of your fellow humans?

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