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September 21, 2008



th Iraq war is foughht between liberal and 'hawkisH ' americans.
The Iraqi nation has absolutely no role in it. They are selected
to play the role of the cattle
to be eaten if needed.It is understood only symbolically.
There is no kind of surge which has worked, surge is biological attack via radio. entire Iraq is the victim.

Frank Warner

In some ways, Iraqis haven't played a large enough role in liberating Iraq. But any battle for freedom is fought by a small minority, often with outside help.

Within a few years, it will be the Iraqis' responsibility on their own to choose between defending their first real democracy or surrendering their country to new generations of fascism, genocide, torture and war.

Few nations have elected to give up freedom once it's won. Advice: Choose wisely.

jj mollo

Many Iraqis believe only in fate. Inshallah! They think they have no control over their own.

It is easy for fanatics to give their lives to sacred causes. It is much harder for normal people to make such sacrifices when the outcomes and even the goals are uncertain. Much easier to blame the Americans, blame Al Qaeda, blame fate. If Iraqis want to be free they have to seize the reins of their own lives.

What did the Surge do? It gave a temporary space for normalcy to return by providing a decent level of security to Iraqis. Iraqis took advantage of that and acted in a million small ways to secure themselves. Maybe they only did it because they had come, over the last few years, to truly understand the suffering that Al Qaeda would impose, but for whatever reasons they did what had to be done. This was not an American victory so much as an Iraqi victory.

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