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August 06, 2008


Christopher Taylor

Yeah like that will work. That's as likely to help as ignoring China's human rights violations and religious oppression has for decades. Like how well calling China a "most favored nation" for trading purposes has worked. The place is practically free of tyranny and brutality!

Every president since Nixon has been coddling this place while treating Cuba, the Soviet Union, and other brutal communist dictatorships as enemies. Why is China somehow exempt from all this?

jj mollo

Hey, we owe the PRCs half a trillion dollars. I guess we better at least try to be polite.

Nixon was the one who started it. He basically rolled the dice and decided we'd be better off with a rich China than a poor China. That's the way our foreign policy has been structured ever since. We still don't know if he was right, but we do have a tiger by the tail.

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