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August 08, 2008


jj mollo

The man has more ability to forgive himself than a college quarterback. We create these monsters with our unmitigated adulation.

Americans are becoming harder to shock. Think about Gingrich and Giuliani, both of whom actually had supporters in their campaigns for the highest office in the land. What did they do that was different? Never let it be said that voting in America is an easy task. The choices are not often palatable. And that's just what we know about.

Obama, I think, is cool on this score. He would never have the guts to cross his wife.

Frank Warner

The weird thing about Edwards is, this is what I expected from him. He always seemed far too slick. What surprises me is that anyone wanted to vote for someone that obviously in love with himself.

And true, with Obama, you don't get that vibe. There's a big ego there, yes, but it seems much more responsible. Michelle will keep Barack in check, I hope, and not just in sexual matters.


Interesting - over at another blog, they note that Edwards' wife admits that she knew of this in 2006 - so, she was assisting in his cover-up of the affair....

Fun fun!

Christopher Taylor

And true, with Obama, you don't get that vibe. There's a big ego there, yes, but it seems much more responsible.

I agree, Obama has an ego the size of Alaska but at least he doesn't seem to be in love with himself like so many politicians. As for his wife, however, she's plainly even more radical than he is politically and socially. The only thing she's likely to hold him back from in those areas is becoming too moderated and liberal as opposed to leftist.

Frank Warner

It's sad we're even talking about this, but a man with power abused that power by diverting money from a charity and from his campaign to pay for a mistress.

As far as what Elizabeth Edwards "knew" in 2006, she "knew" her husband said he had an affair. She didn't know the affair would start up again and that her husband would continue to lie about that.

She also didn't know John probably would produce a baby from the renewed affair, and he'd lie about that.

His lying isn't over.

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