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August 28, 2008



I have never heard this before. Have you guys ever seen things like this before:
Is it true? Just curious.


And another thing.. I can't figure out why I too feel that both canidates would make good presidents when every time I take one of those blind test Obama is WAY behind. It is not even close.

Frank Warner

Well, Mark, it is true that part of Obama's support is a gut reaction to his personality. He seems like a fairly reasonable, responsible guy, even if we haven't yet seen him lead any major cause.

Frank Warner

I've never seen any research concluding that Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding and Coolidge had African ancestors.

I doubt it. For instance, my guess is that Lincoln was called "Abraham Africanus the First," not because of any African heritage, but because Democrats feared he wanted to treat black people as humans.

Still, I'd like to see more on this.

Frank Warner

A Jefferson DNA test reportedly found some similarities with Egyptians. Which Egyptians? I don't know. The DNA also matched Britons.

Harding appears most likely of any president to have had black ancestors, but the facts are sketchy.


I see no evidence that Obama would make a good president but plenty of evidence that suggests otherwise.

Here are a few items worth reviewing:
Media Blackout On A Far-Left Past
The Radio Show the Obama Campaign Doesn't Want You to Hear

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