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July 28, 2008


James O

Duh, of course it's torture! The odds of an actual Mickey D's being at Gitmo or in Cuba generally are quite low, so they probably were just toying with the man, offering him ordinary french fries while deceptively offering them as so-called "McDonald's french fries" to gain his trust. Treachery of the worst sort!


This is why they hate us. The know we possess and control the most formidable temptress of all, the fried potato! The seductive lure of the french fry sucks the very souls of men into a vortex of sin and degradation. That is, of course, unless you combine it with a hamburger and a Coke. Then, it just makes a tasty meal.

jj mollo

Don't touch the fries! But if you do, say three "Hail Mary"s, and eat a hamburger.

Frank Warner

I've been doing the McChickens without fries. If I ate the fries, I'm sure I would give up all my secrets.

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