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July 09, 2008




Wednesday, July 9, 2008
CNN Still Can't Bring Itself to Say Palin's Name

Last night on Election Center with Campbell Brown, a bunch of CNN talking heads discussed potential VP's for John McCain. They mentioned about 12 names overall, and also threw in a couple nonsensical wildcards just for one. One person they didn't mention? Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

It's becoming embarrassing to the MSM to watch their avoidance of a VP candidate nearly every serious pundit and analyst considers to be one of the frontrunners, but one of the best choices for McCain. Bill Kristol of the New York Times and The Weekly Standard actually came out a short while ago and flat-out predicted that Palin would be McCain's VP choice. But instead of even mentioning her name, CNN touted Joe Lieberman as the best option for McCain and one of their "experts" even claimed "the right would love it". They must have been talking to the three Obamacons again (oh those ever elusive Obamacons...). This kind of crap reporting is why CNN is getting clobbered by Fox News.
Written by Joshua Lawson at 10:07 AM

Dave Hilts said...
How typical. I agree with previous commentors on this topic. It really appears as if the MSM is quite frightened of Gov. Palin. Let's hope McCain makes the right choice.
July 9, 2008 10:23 AM

Anonymous said...
If you're a Republican, when in doubt, do the exact opposite of what the mainstream media is telling you to do. works every time.
July 9, 2008 10:23 AM

Frank Warner

Sarah Palin is young, but probably too young. Two years as governor? If McCain wanted to attack Obama's lack of experience, Obama would just ask, if you think experience is so important, why did you pick Palin as the best person to be president if anything disabled you?

Palin looks bright, but not terribly serious. Heck, she was Miss Congeniality in a local beauty contest in 1984. And because she is unknown to most Americans, every new revelation about her would be treated as shocking "Breaking News."

Palin on a ticket this year? Not a chance.

Christopher Taylor

Senator McCain is going to pick Senator Lieberman, they're practically in every shot together, McCain's campaign material has him in the shots like a VP already. It's blatantly obvious.

Frank Warner

As much as I admire Lieberman, one of the few real liberals, I doubt McCain will pick him.

First, McCain's fellow Republicans want to see a Republican in the No. 2 spot. Also, Lieberman is unlikely to draw many Democrats, because the partisans say he abandoned their defeatist cause.

Christopher Taylor

Like Senator McCain has demonstrated he cares what anyone else thinks. He might not bring in many Democrats, but who would? Anyone? Is there a single person on earth in the VP slot that would make a Democrat decide to vote for Senator McCain? Nah.

Lots of people who call themselves moderates might like it though.


I think Mccain is down to three: Crist, Romney and Jindal. I think the likely two are Romney and Jindal and the safe bet is Romney. I will support Jindal, Romney, Pawlenty, Paling and Crist. However, I am rooting for Jindal.

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