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May 03, 2008



If you don't mind having a hippie hater at your party, we're going up to NJ in November, about an hour from philly. I was planning on not renting a car, so it might not work out, but it sounds like a fun idea!

Frank Warner

OK, Kevin, this is a start.


Wait, I forgot about my demands! Wherever we meet, there must be Scotch available. 12 year old. Not 13 year old, because that's TOO old. Throw that stuff out.

On second thought, it would be better if Scotch weren't available. The last thing I need is a DWI in NJ. Still, if you brought a bottle of JWB... See? I'm not demanding single malt like a liberal would! This is yet another clear example of how conservatives are much more accommodating that liberals.

If you'll allow me to hammer liberals just a little more, I have some other ideas! You know how liberals hate kids and want to abort them? We could serve caviar, which is fish eggs before they've had a chance to spawn! That's good liberal fun in my book.

Then, we could take a minute to sigh and look sad about the plight of the Sudanese in Darfur, the Tibetans in China, and all Zimbabweans, without actually doing anything about it. Feel, but don't act. It's the liberal way.

Sorry to bring down this thread. I've spent most of my non-working day arguing with the new liberals, and frankly, it's bringing me down. They'd rather 'understand', or 'embrace' than 'fix'. That pissed me off.


The last demand: I want the letter 'm' stricken from the English language. Heh.


Hahah! Getaway car :).


Heh, I used to go to the US fairly often, but lately I just haven't felt much like traveling.

I'm contracting for a new company now (and the old one too), both of which are in Los Angeles, so maybe I'll have to head over some time this year. If so I'll be sure to let you know. I can't promise anything though.

I don't have any demands. I'm happy with whatever.


P.S. 15 hour flights are not fun.

Frank Warner

Yeah, but remember, Gregory Peck went to Australia in a submarine.

Well, if you make it over here, to the West Coast, at least be in touch.


That reminds me of an old Australian saying:

"Come to Philadelphia in November Nicholas, you lazy Aussie, and quit whining about flight hours!"

Well, it was something like that. Australians have some pretty weird sayings.


I'm not whining, I'm just sayin'.

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