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May 30, 2008


John Austin Personal trainers

"if McClellan had his way, or at least what he calls his way today, Saddam Hussein and his fascist pals would still be torturing Iraq."

Scott makes no sense. He is weak. He was weak when he was working for the President

There is little downside for Bob "Third-person" Dole. He can only go up. He might be a designated attack dog for the upcoming election

Frank Warner

I think Dole is beyond that kind of job these days. He simply saw an injustice committed by a creep, and had to say something.

Rebecca H Lowndes

I have found you, Frank Warner! How annoying is that?


I find McClellan's comments dubious, mostly because of his newfound ties to Soros, but partly because the guy was always weird as hell. He looked so scared, ALL of the time. I chalked it up to him just being a wussy, with a capital P. Now I add to that opinion. He is also a gold-digger. Whatever.

Update: I heard on the grapevine that Rebecca H Lowndes has found you, Frank! Well, that's what I heard. Ask her for a date! If you're married, don't tell your wife. They hate it when guys go out on dates.


Frank Warner

Rebecca, what do you think of Scott McClellan?

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