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May 24, 2008


Christopher Taylor

From what I've heard most viewers won't care for much of the movie period, which is sad.


Hi Frank, I saw the new Indiana Jones movie over the weekend. I agree that the first twenty minutes or so were promising, but then it seemed to fall apart. The film seemed to move from one impossible scene to the next as the heroic party miraculously survived countless bullets, killer waterfalls, and an army of murderous ants. There seemed to be too many situations in the film, such as Russian communists, the crash at Roswell, flying saucers, nuclear tests, and dead aliens. There was also mention made of the Nazca Lines, which have been used in a number of novels, video games, and role-playing games over the years. It didn't seem all that original to me. Maybe those in their teens and twenties enjoyed it more than I did.

Frank Warner

Joseph, I could have accepted all those common references if the story had some tension. But I just never felt any of the heroes was in trouble. Why should I watch if I'm sure nothing can hurt them?

We needed to hate the villains and worry about the heroes. That wasn't in the script.

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