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April 22, 2008



"It suggests that, when the general election campaign comes along, Clinton or Obama will take a more reasonably supportive approach to Iraq."

It suggests no such thing. Frank, you have really blinded yourself to these candidates. You're rationalizing that they are implying things you want to believe when they aren't. Obama wants to run from Iraq; he has said so very explicitly. Hillary will be beholden to her flock so she can't be far behind.

How is it you support the candidates who claim they will do exactly what you don't want but you can't support the man who actually says he will do what you would like to see happen? McCain says we will follow through in Iraq and not surrender. Break that mental block that prevents you from voting Republican even when the others run 180 degrees contrary to everything you espouse. Stop kidding yourself. Wake up!


Rendell Says College Kids "Drink The Kool-Aid" Of Obama Speeches

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