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April 30, 2008



In order to maintain properly New Testament form, it seems that Obama must deny Wright a third time before Wright can be properly crucified.
The cock is refusing to crow.


Frank, you are once again rationalizing for Obama.

The problem isn't merely that Wright maintains a nutjob's view of the U.S. government; it is his racism and anti-Americanism and the fact that Obama has embraced him and supported him (to the tune of $tens of thousands per year) for 20 years.

Just a few short weeks ago, Obama couldn't find a reason to break with Wright. The evidence of Wright's racism and anti-Americans were overly abundant (vast library of video tapes, meetings with Qaddafi and Farrakhan, etc.). Obama simply had to know.

Furthermore, Obama went so far as to attempt to justify Wright's racism (e.g. grandmother's racism as evidenced by her fear of blacks on the street). How can anyone not be repulsed by this? Now, after 20 years of patting him on the back," Obama suddenly objects to Wright being called his "spiritual mentor."

I've read that Wright's racist, black separatist church is a type of church that represents only about ten percent of Christian churches that are predominantly black. Given Obama's apparent disdain for Christians who "cling to God," I suspect he wouldn't even be a so-called Christian if he hadn't found this particular type of church.

What also makes my blood boil is his additional flip-flop regarding U.S. flag lapel pins. I was angry when he refused to wear it. Now he denies that he ever said he wouldn't wear it which, it turns out, is a lie.

Barack "middle name withheld" Obama is very clearly your standard politician who will deny his true beliefs to tell you what he believes that you would like him to believe.


The New York Post reports that Rev. Wright's most recent outrageous outbursts were intended to derail Obama's presidential aspirations because he betrayed his 20-year relationship with Rev. Wright.

Confederate Yankee observes:
"The implication is obvious. Either:
* Barack Obama believes in the angry, paranoid and racist teachings of Jeremiah Wright and the Marxist liberation theology of his church, and is lying about it in public in hopes of getting elected, which is essentially the betrayal Rev. Wright accused him of in front of the National Press Club Monday morning, or;
* Barack Obama's membership in Trinity United Church of Christ and his relationship with the pastoral staff and congregation were nothing more than a 20-year lie of convenience and exploitation of the Church and Wright of Homeric proportions.

No matter how you slice it, Obama is guilty of an epic deception in his quest for power..."

Christopher Taylor

I like how Rush Limbaugh puts it:

The people of this country do not believe they know more about Jeremiah Wright now than Barack Obama does.


JAMES TARANTO: So, was Obama sincere? Did he spent 20 years as an intimate of Wright and a parishioner of his church without ever having an inkling that the guy is a wacko hatemonger?

If so, can you think of anything more terrifying than sending such a naïf to the White House while there's a war on?

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