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April 30, 2008


Joseph Smolski

Frank, I agree with you about how well-done A Man For All Seasons was. It's always been one of my favorite films. However, considering some of the movies that are produced today, I doubt that a similar film would fare too well in the current market. I haven't seen The Other Boleyn Girl, perhaps you have and can compare the two films. I'm always a little doubtful about real-life events and people portrayed in movies, as Hollywood has a history of writing it's own history. According to an MSNBC poll, one out of four Americans read no books last year, so maybe it's time to get away from the DVD player and the movie theatre and get back to good old-fashioned reading. Joseph.

Frank Warner

Well, you have to read if you want to write. And "A Man for All Seasons" was an example of great writing.

I haven't seen "The Other Boleyn Girl." The sister probably existed, but the rest of that story probably was invented.

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