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February 19, 2008



I hope you are right, Frank. But I'll believe it when I see it. The key phrase is "since 1959". Been hearing about the Castro regime coming to an end for years- a lot of it in the past year since we heard he has serious health problems. In 1968, the "powder keg that is Soviet occupied Europe" was gonna blow when Poland and Hungary revolted. The Soviets left of their own volition over twenty years later.So, again, I hope you and George are right. I'm just not ready to buy real estate in Cuba just yet.
Recently discovered your site , Frank. I enjoy it, bookmarked it, and check in every day,keep up the good work.

jj mollo


I think that's a good point.

So some people say that Ronald Reagan was able to foresee the true weakness of the USSR and exactly how to attack it. Actually, it wasn't original. Jerry Pournelle had some thoughts about it as early as 1968 (the link is a later edition). Basically, the strategy was to bully them and tease them into trying to match our expenditures on military technology. (It already happened on Space.) Spend them into oblivion! And that's why they finally retreated "of their own volition."

The question them becomes, how is the Cuban leadership vulnerable? We haven't been able to answer that for 5 decades, and you are rightly skeptical. The expansionist impulse of communist totalitarianism is still there. It's probably pretty much under control, but it would be nice to eliminate it. Cuba was one nut that Reagan couldn't crack, but it seems like there has to be a way.

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