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February 26, 2008



Has Obama ever personally said he is not Muslim? Or are we only hearing this from his campaign staffers?

His father was Muslim and many Muslims believe that makes him a Muslim.

Frank Warner

Obama has said he is Christian and he has been a member of a Christian church since the 1980s. He shouldn't have to say he is not Muslim. He shouldn't even have to say he is Christian.

He should have to say and believe that all humans have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Emphasizing that, when he was a child (about 6-11 years old), he went to a few schools with MUSLIMS in Indonesia, where almost everyone is MUSLIM, Obama's destractors make it seem as if there is something inherently wrong with being MUSLIM and therefore something inherently wrong with him.

Obama also went to a CATHOLIC school while his family lived in Indonesia. Considering how not all CATHOLICs are perfect, should he have to say now he is not CATHOLIC?

Many of the fascists we're fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan claim they are Muslim, but the people we are fighting for in those two nations also happen to be Muslim. The Americans who harp on Obama's middle name obviously are trying to associate him with the one side. It's not right.

Christopher Taylor

Eh, he's not Muslim but I don't see how saying someone's middle name is so awful. It's not like ignoring it is going to make the name go away.

jj mollo

McCain did not make any friends by this.

U. S. Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya and became a citizen of Kenya under the Independence Constitution of Kenya in 1963. Obama has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. He is also a U. S. Citizen.
Frank Warner

Yes, I heard Bill Cunningham on NPR yesterday, ranting and raving about a name is just a name.

He occasionally scored some points, but he pretended to be unaware that some people are just trying to scare Americans into believing Obama is an Islamist terrorist, or at least a terrorist sympathizer.

jj mollo

I guess I have two concerns about this. Daniel Pipes has an explanation for why some Muslims might consider Obama to be a Muslim. This is first and foremost a security problem, because some Muslims will consider him to be an apostate. Should we vote against him for that reason. For my part, I would consider it a sign of great courage if he were to declare himself as an apostate, and I would be more likely to vote for him. The big issue here is that people have to take his security seriously, and he has been undermining such efforts. To me that shows that he doesn't really understand the problem of Islamic radicalism.

The second problem is his association with Farrakhan. Obama has denounced Farrakhan's antisemitism, which is a very good thing. The minister of his church, however, has not. Michelle Obama's recent gaffe about being proud of America only recently was revealing. It seems likely to me that he harbors similar anti-American feelings. I think it is fair to say, at least, that Obama has more sympathy for the Islamist position than he has for the Zionist position. To me this is a major problem. Israel has been the only truly free and democratic country in the ME for a long time. (Maybe Iraq and Lebanon can join that club soon.) Moreover, Israel is our ally, a very reliable ally. Israel's is condemned when attacking, but never supported when attacked. Unfortunately, Obama is not convincing as a supporter of Israel, nor as a supporter of democracy in the Middle East.

Christopher Taylor

He's not much of a convincing supporter of democracy in the US, let alone elsewhere.

Frank Warner

I don't think it's fair to say Obama has more sympathy for the Islamist position than for the Zionist position. Of course, it depends on your definitions of Islamist and Zionist.

If, by Islamist, you mean people who want to wipe out Israel and establish a caliphate over the Middle East and possibly the world, I doubt Obama has any sympathy for that.

If, by Zionist, you mean people who want a democratic and secure Israel, which possibly might include the disputed West Bank as part of Israel, then I'd bet Obama has at least a tiny bit more sympathy for that idea than for Islamism.

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