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February 21, 2008


Christopher Taylor

The science behind this astounds me, incredible work by all the guys involved from the design to the execution. I'm proud to be an American, even if Mrs Obama isn't.

Of course, the British press is calling President Bush a Space Cowboy now.


Bush caused the satellite to malfunction!


Did you guys see the photos from the nosecone camera? It's pretty amazing. Not sure why it's in black and white though.

Frank Warner

Ha! Hey, I posted a picture like that. It started all those who-really-crashed- into-the-Pentagon conspiracy theories.


I think we have found the problem, Frank. That guy has to be stopped!

Frank Warner

It's an ugly pattern, Kevin.

jj mollo

It gets a little harder when you're trying to target an incoming MIRV with decoys and chaff.

Frank Warner

These missiles have been tested with balloon decoys. Of course, in a test, we always know about what time to expect the attack, or fake attack.

Our real problem probably won't be the missiles or decoys. It will be an atom bomb in backpack in Soho.


Dont believe the hype, EMP, baby!

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