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February 25, 2008


Christopher Taylor

The thing is, both Democratic Party candidates are incredibly weak (well all the front runners were, but Edwards finally quit). It's been the presumption of victory that has cheered Democrats so much and given confidence, not the quality of candidates. Senator Clinton was a lousy choice, so's Senator Obama, but who knows? Doesn't mean they can't win.

It's just good to see a prominent Democrat and leftist being honest about at least one of the candidates.

Frank Warner

I'm not sure Sullivan is either a Democrat or a "leftist," whatever that is anymore, though he did go wobbly on Iraq back in August 2004.

I'd like to think leftists have the resolve and principle to see the defeat of fascism through to the end.

That being said, I also can support Obama, assuming General Petraeus has made America safe for a Democratic president.

Obama probably is too young, and McCain probably is too old.


Andrew Who?

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