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January 04, 2008



Poor Joe Biden. He was the best of all the Democratic candidates.

Which, when you think about it, is absolutely horrifying.

Frank Warner

I don't think so. Obama's got something to offer, though if we're heading into a recession, it'll be hard to do most of the things he's proposing.

He did throw out the "I'll end the war in Iraq" line, just to serve the hardcore defeatists a little meat, but the Iraq war appears already to be in the democratic win column. But generally Obama appears to be the best of all the candidates.

His youth and lack of experience are troubling. I wish we could say, hey, you know, Obama took up this great cause and this is how he led it to success. But there isn't much on his record. On the other hand, his even temper is a major asset.

Curtis Faith

Iowa did not surprise me because I've been watching the Obama supporters on the ground. I knew they were going to show up in droves.

My small independent film company was on the ground in New Hampshire, New York City, South Carolina and Iowa from August to October trying to capture the spirit of the movement we saw on the ground. The documentary is 68 minutes long and comes in nine parts. We hosted it on because it was filmed in HD and blip has the best quality playback. I expect to have it on YouTube and Google video soon as well.

Our blog has the details if anyone is interested:

jj mollo

Obama's got the magic, but I don't think he has the chops for Pakistan, which is the next big problem. His followers are True Believers rather than policy wonks. Whatever his personal qualities, he's going to find it hard to find the kind of expertise that Hillary has access to. Any hiccup in the economy or crisis in the world will make Hillary look good. IMO, he cannot beat Romney or McCain in a general election, though he could crush Huckabee.

jj mollo

I just read this analysis of the Obama/Muslim issue, which makes me wonder whether he could beat Huckabee. It also makes me think that he should get a little extra Secret Service protection.

Frank Warner

Right now, Obama could beat Huckabee and tie Romney. McCain, however, would make him look like a lightweight in a debate.

But if the economy goes into recession, voters probably will blame it on the Republicans. That would give Obama and edge over all of them.

Obama could use a few extra pounds of experience, but voters might go for a rookie this time.

Christopher Taylor

So, tell me Frank. What did he say? What were the points of his speech, what policies of Senator Obama's do you like? What specific things do you prefer that he stands for?

Do you even know any?

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