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January 03, 2008



I am waiting with great anticipation to see how the Iowa caucus turns out. Having looked at all the Republican and Democratic candidates, Joe Biden stands way above them all. I stand with, and thank, the Iowans who stand for Joe Biden on caucus night.


Fred! He cares enough about the right things. He's just not interested in flamboyantly expressing them. Now that Duncan Hunter clearly can't win, Fred is the next best thing.

That said, it's hard to get too excited right now. None of these guys are anything close to Reagan. And we kind of need a Reagan right now.


Also, I heard the Democrats are doing a caucus too! Seems weird to hold them on the same day, but who am I to judge? Here's a Huckabee-style study of that evil party. It even gives evidence of the bad people in the party of the good guys! (aka the Republicans)

Frank Warner

Joe Biden has his points, but sober as he might be, he always acts like the drunk who talks big but runs as soon as he's started the bar riot.

Biden might get 5 percent in the first round of voting today.

Thompson has moments of genius, like his commercial making fun of Fidel Castro. But forgive this shallow observation: The presidency ages presidents 20 years, and I don't think Thompson's face could handle a 20-year hit.

Thompson will be lucky to get 12 percent today, and already there's a rumor (denied) that he'll drop out and back McCain, who has similar facial problems.


Your prediction about Thompson may be accurate. If he drops out, I'll blow off the primaries entirely, and only vote for whichever Republican they offer with a clothespin on my nose.

The rest of them are plain old liberals, and only slightly better than they're Democrat counterparts.


I think Fred Thompson cares plenty. What gives you the impression he doesn't? Because he's begin honest about campaigning rather than pretending it's really fun?

Frank Warner

Thompson doesn't have to pretend campaigning is fun. But if he wants to motivate voters, he has to do a little more preparation for his speeches. Of all people, he should know how to deliver his lines in a way that moves an audience.

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