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January 18, 2008


jj mollo

I admired his talent greatly, but mostly I felt sorry for him. I've followed news stories about him since I was a kid. They have almost always been puzzling and disappointing. I don't know what he thought about Life, but what I do know of his opinions makes me think that he died a lonely and bitter man.

He was as disappointing in his own way as his remarkable predecessor, Paul Morphy, the great chess genius from antebellum New Orleans, known in time as the "Pride and Sorrow of Chess". He became a lawyer, considering chess to be beneath the proper concerns of a gentleman.

Another American chess disappointment was the generally forgotten genius, Reuben Fine, who considered his career in psychoanalysis to be more important than chess, though he did get to play Bobby Fischer casually in 1963.

jj mollo

Here's a nice article about him and his companion, Miyoko Watai.

Frank Warner

When I saw the pictures of her, I wondered what her life must have been like around him. I suppose she was a calming influence.


There's a fine line between genius and insanity and I think he crossed it long ago.

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