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December 02, 2007


jj mollo

Even good reporters jump to conclusions. In the movie "All the President's Men," you can see Ben Bradlee holding back Woodstein and placing obstacles in their way for very good reasons. It rings true. This war is being waged with disinformation as much as bullets. Remember the "captured" G.I. Joe from early on?

You can't know what the truth is with anything but politically fabricated certainty. You just have to trust that your government is reliable. That's why we elect them. People with BDR (or CDR for that matter) have simply sabotaged our efforts out of ignorant negativism.

As I understand it, AP was being fed disinformation by the Interior Department. Jamil Hussein might have existed, just as John Smith or James Johnson might appear in your phone book, but he probably wasn't the source. And it wasn't just the conservatives. Even CNN and NYT were questioning his identity. Michele Malkin was the most vociferous, but she was far from alone, and there's no reason to assume it was a conscious lie. She has since moderated her accusation, anyway. People should learn to reserve judgment. You don't have to assume every event is related to a conspiracy on the part of the other party. The enemy takes advantage of our internal dissension.


"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one!"
-- Alexander Hamilton

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