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December 25, 2007


jj mollo

So what is it that he believes the US will "learn" from this? That we are incapable of accomplishing anything? Maybe that's become more true than it used to be, but we have certainly been capable in the past. Maybe we're supposed to learn about the native dignity of proud peoples. So, that's saying that the proud and decent VC truly represented the people of South Vietnam and that the honorable North Vietnam Communists represented the true interests of the VC and transitively represented the South Vietnamese people. So the Boat People were just a smattering of malcontents and the re-education camps were about education. And our support for South Vietnam was always a cynical play for the oil hidden beneath the Mekong Delta.

By analogy, the people of Iraq are best represented by Baathists or Al Qaeda fundamentalists. Is that the lesson? Or maybe Americans are once again exploiting an admirable indigenous culture that was corrupted by exposure to the evil ideas of the Capitalist Warmongers of the West. No doubt if we were to leave, all the factions of Iraq would suddenly turn into the peaceable kingdom.

Maybe the lesson is that we are doomed anyway. All resistance is futile and counter-productive. We should just try to mollify those who hate us, for just cause, I might add. Maybe we're supposed to recognize our hubris and be shamed. We need to have faith in the righteousness of transnational peacekeeping. No progress is possible anywhere until we terminate our immoral support of Israel and restore to each Palestinean the original olive tree that was stolen by the brutal children of the non-Holocaust.

One of the best things about America is our capacity for self-criticism. The President is the only leader in the world who is humilitated with impunity and expected to smile while people castigate his morals and his motives. I think we can take this attitude a little too far though. When we see ourselves as the source and stain of all evil in the World, we are demonstrating nothing but the remarkable plasticity of an educated mind.

Frank Warner

Right. Real liberals face facts, defend the defenseless and free the oppressed. Pseudo-liberals live a close-eyed fantasy, in which delusions of self-solving problems ignore half a world tortured by tyranny.


Thanks for this flashback. Drum's Comments section is worth the read too.


Now we know who lost Viet Nam


Neo: I think the answer is "The Cambodians".

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