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December 27, 2007


jj mollo

This is an event she herself predicted, and a tragedy for Pakistan -- and for us, as well. And because of it, those nukes are closer to being used in Manhattan.

I have watched her in the news and magazines for much of my adult life. I knew she was special. She was courageous by nature and out of principle. Contrary to many accusations, she was probably as honest as she could be in the circumstances of her world. The importance of her role as a woman leader in the Muslim world cannot be overstated. She represented the best hope that a window for the best ideas of the West and of the Enlightenment could shine through into that wounded country. They called her "Pinkie", but she was in fact without comparison.

I hope that Pakistan will be able to put the pieces back together. They must do what they must do. For now they need only our condolences.

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