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November 22, 2007



It really doesn't matter, because CBS showed over 40 years ago that any slightly better that average marksman could get off 3 shots in the 11.2 seconds. Some of the marksmen could even hit the target (in a simulation of the motorcade) with all 3 shots, where Oswald only got 2 on the target.

Frank Warner

I was under the impression that the 11.2 seconds is the longer time, estimated from the moment Oswald could first have seen Kennedy.

Many of the conspiracy theorists have contended Oswald had only 4.9 seconds, the time between the last two shots, to shoot three times.

Now the 11.2 seconds makes even more sense. It appears the first shot was off target, either through bad aim or the deflection off a horizontal beam holding a traffic light.

The other, less explored theory, is that Oswald took only two shots. Most witnesses say they heard three, but they could have been wrong.


Gerald Posner speculated Oswald took 8.4 seconds for the three shots with shot 1 occurring 3.5 seconds before shot 2. The NYT is speculating that the first shot occurred 6.3 seconds before shot 2.

There is little doubt that they were correct about three shots. Three empty cartridge cases were found on the floor at the sniper's nest in the Texas School Book Depository. Also found in the sniper's nest was Oswald's palm print.

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