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August 31, 2007


jj mollo

I wouldn't mind seeing a new organization requiring a minimum level of economic well-being and some reasonable history of democracy and human rights (free speech, religious toleration, social compromise) before accepting a member nation. I think it's insane to deal with tyrant controlled nations on an equal basis. The main purpose of the organization would be to exert influence over the tyrannies. I predict that the UN would wither away if such an organization existed. I'm not keen on limiting it to English speakers, especially because we seem to be abandoning it ourselves.


I just thought it was a good idea because we could then force the rest of the world to learn God's language - English.

j/k :). The way the UN treats Israel, and the way it bends for Iran make it clear that this is not an organization that is good for the world. Ever since Frank suggested a 'united democratic nations' a few years ago I've been thinking about it. It's such a great idea. And this commonwealth thing seems like a possible way to actually pull it off.

It doesn't have to be just English-speaking nations. We could agree to let all non-french peaceful democracies in slowly some day. But it would have to be in a way that doesn't allow granting membership for personal favors, or China would get in the second Hilary was elected...

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