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August 30, 2007



Gen. Bednarek's words have been taken completely out of context. Frank Warner, try listening to any other interview with the general on any given day and perhaps you will get a clearer picture of what his opinion is. If you actually think a U.S. front-line general has given up on Iraqi freedom, than it is you who should be fired. He and his soldiers have been fighting for a safe, secure, and democratic Iraq since their tour began over 12 months ago. It is George W. Bush who needs to tell the American people that elections, a free press and democratically enacted laws are not enough to defeat the fascists and fanatics. Gen. Bednarek and his troops are the catalysts behind clearing the path. A democratic Iraq will take decades.

jj mollo

How about a link?


CNN sucks, as usual.

Frank Warner

Oliver, it seems I agree with you.

Frank Warner

I'd like to see the whole interview. Has anyone seen it?


I wouldn't trust anything the Klinton News Network says. CNN is so biased and Klinton friendly, it sickens me. And yes, I'd rather watch Foxnews, not that their republican tilted but Laurie Dhue et al are worth watching.


Laurie Dhue?!?! That's no reason to trust a news network, my friend. Rebecca Gomez is though.


I am so grateful for Oliver's comments. He is right on...I have watched interview after interview with BG Bednarek, and he portrays nothing but concern for the Iraqi people. Until you are there in the midst of the chaos, you have no concept of how difficult and frustrating it is working with a 'government' that hates a large section of their own people, and only want to see them dead. BG Bednarek and his incredible soldiers have cleared out a large Iraqi city of Al Quaida to the point that the Iraqi citizens have come up to him and thanked him for making their streets safe so that women and children can walk once again with their babies, and children can play on the streets. BG Bednarek wants to see a peaceful Iraq more than any of us - and he is working night and day, hour after hour in a dangerous environment to make that happen. There is no soldier more committed to this cause than BG Bednarek.
I am just grateful for soldiers like BG Bednarek that allow Americans to sit behind their plush computer in a safe environment and say anything they want to, without fear of retribution.

Frank Warner

Alexander, your words reflect the first priority in Iraq: Security, safety, peace. But notice, you didn't use the words democratic or free.

I'm not criticizing. I'm pointing out that, if you made such a statement to many reporters in the Democratic press, they'd report that you had given up on a democratic Iraq, that you have lowered your expectations, settling for a goal of security alone.

Of course, security is the first priority. A democratic framework is in place in Iraq, and if it can be made secure, Iraqis will live in freedom. Just keep in mind, the pseudo-liberal defeatists want you do declare that Iraq would be better off with Saddam resurrected and back in power. They want you to bow to tyranny.

Ultimately, the United States cannot be content with an Iraq that appears calm, but is not free. There can be no lasting peace without democracy. That's why our liberators fight for lives AND liberty.


You are correct, I did not use the word 'democratic'. However, in order to have a democracy, you must have elected officials come to the table. Iraqi citizens are afraid to leave their homes for fear of being blown up or shot. How do you deal with an enemy that sets children on fire, and threatens the every day existence of any democratic supporting citizen? BG Bednarek is totally comitted to democracy in the country of Iraq as are all of the soldiers. The horrific images our men and women have seen are enough to threaten anyone's resolve. Yet they persevere and work day in and day out to help the Iraqi people.
I completely believe you took Bednarek's words out of context.
I also believe our government did not realize what we were getting ourselves into at the start of this war. Our elected officials are the ones you should attack, not our hard working soldiers (including BG Bednarek) who are there in the midst of this hell, doing everything they can to stop the enemy so that the people can finally have an opportunity to come together and create a democratic society.

Frank Warner

Alexander, I'm the one who first suggested that the world press took Bednarek's words out of context. I'm urging that Bednarek hold a press conference to clarify his remarks.


Dear Mr. Frank Wagner.

It is hard believed that a USA General given up democracy in Iraq as you are saying. I think you are manipulating his words for your own benefice. I hope you are not taking an extract of a paragraph to judge and condemn him, and the most important I hope you are aware about the consequences from your words against USA troops in Iraq. Maybe you are agreeing with Taliban, are you?

I would say that Iraq will not be able to get to a perfect democracy "If it exists" I think Iraq will not get in a good democracy for many generations.
Iraq need another strategy, simple democracy is not a real and short term solution.


Red Star, is that you?

jj mollo

I'm getting confused. Who is who around here? When did the Taliban get to Iraq? Wagner? Carl? What is the benefice of all these insinuplation?

Don't we have a false flag filter around here somewhere?

Frank Warner

A couple of comments came in from the most unexpected angle. I think Carl just picked up on the novelty.


I deny the allegations and I deny the allegators.

Vic DeFiori


I cannot believe you are writing an article on something that has been taken completely out of context by you and you expect people to believe your opinions. I am a father of a young soldier that's on his 2nd deployment and is stationed in a Iraqi FOB outside the green zone. Along with my son, we have many young & old soldiers that are fighting for our security in the United States and the freedom of the Iraqi people. I have read many articles about the Iraqi war, read many editorials and your's is the first that attacks one of our soldiers in a leadership role. My question to you is 'what are you going to gain from this?'. If your answer is nothing, then why are you taking 12 words out of a 20-30 minutes interview? I can keep questioning you about your intent but why don't you do something good for our soldiers that are away from their families for 15 months at a time. When my son went on his first tour of Iraq, I started various support groups and now have a network of people that want to support our troops with packages of goodies, dvds, etc.

Since you have a well established column that is read by many, why don't you help Mr. Gates get the MRAPs over to Iraq asap. 70% of our casualties are from IEDs and the Humvees are not strong enough to handle the IED explosions. The new MRAPs are being manufactured to replace the Humvees but now our congress has an expense issue over the shipping of these units. They were budgeted to be shipped by boat and Mr. Gates wants them airfreighted. The time factors are obviously here but if our congress goes the cheaper route what do you tell the families of the troops that are killed by the IEDs between now and then.

Does this sound like a great way to support the troops by saving their lives? I think so without any doubt. How about investigating this matter and write an article out why our congress needs to save our troops.

And let our generals run this war with their commander in chief without the criticism.

Vic DeFiori

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