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August 31, 2007



With all due respect, I find it absolutely absurd that an American citizen with ANY knowledge of the ongoing war in Iraq could truly believe that the intentions of our leading military personnel is to do anything but establish democratic rationale and infrastructure. With the skewed, sensationalistic coverage of the war (and news in general) that CNN portrays, it comes as no surprise to me that BG Bednarek’s words would be dissected in the way that they have. There are a multitude of different scenarios that this line could be put in context with that would truly convey the message that BG Bednarek would have intended (ex: the CURRENT Iraqi democratic infrastructure is lacking).

With that being said, ahead lies a tremendous, arduous task of taking a country, once ruled by murder and tyranny, and establishing order, peace, and a democratic sentiment. Nonetheless, being someone that follows our leaders and their decision making VERY closely, I can confidently say that BG Mick Bednarek is one of the finest leaders and soldiers (and Bednarek is as much a soldier as a leader, which can’t be said as much now-a-days) that we have abroad. We should support great men like this rather than dice their words and add caveat such as the mindless drivel delivered by Mike Ware; shame on CNN. God Bless America.

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